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The following services/presentations are offered by Prairie Worm Works. Contact for pricing. All services are subject to seasonal availability.

  • Worms in the classroom
    • 1 hour, curriculum-aligned presentations
    • Tailor-made in order to focus on specific grades/units, covering such topics as environmental sustainability, biodiversity, life science, the scientific method, sustainable agriculture, observational writing, data collection and analysis, and,integrated math.
    • These courses can be applied/tailored for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Advanced vermicomposting workshops/consulting:
    • Growing your herd
    • Constructing Continuous Flow Through (CFT) systems (easier vermicast extraction for garden use)
    • Methods for harvesting vermicast for garden use

  • Beginner vermicomposting courses:
    • Making simple one-bin home vermicomposting bins
    • Worm care and maintenance
    • Rotten Sustainability: Reducing household waste through Composting and Vermicomposting
  • Backyard Composting workshops/consulting
    • Hot compost: Creating finished compost in 21 days using garden waste
    • Constructing effective outdoor compost bins out of free material
    • Troubleshooting: why doesn’t my compost pile break down by the end of the gardening season?
    • Cold compost: Introducing worms to inactive compost heaps; extracting usable vermicast
    • How to use compost in the garden